Modern logistics & transportation business is much more than simply loading boxes on trucks, trains, ships containers and other means of transportation. It is about delivering goods in all parts of the world on time, compete with the abundance of local and international carriers, and at the same time dealing with razor-thin margins. Knowing in detail every aspect of the business is not enough anymore. Managers need sophisticated technology to help them survive and thrive in this severe environment.

Industry Benefits

  • Management of various types of documents, connected to the transport activities

  • Full information stored for every transport or shipment order – load, loading and unloading stations, pallets, linear meters, quantity, etc.

  • Fleet management – vehicle types and detailed features for them, repair management and registration, compositions, etc.

  • Improved customer service

  • Optimized transport costs and executed operations

  • Assessment of the efficiency of the used resources – route, vehicle, destination, driver, transporter, etc.

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