Modern manufacturers know that to survive in “the age of the customer”, they must change the way they do business
by enabling a more customer-centric approach. That means to be transparent, engage customers throughout
the product life-cycle and strengthen the relationships with them. It also means to offer more value,
more quantity, lower prices and faster delivery.

A business needs more time on their hands to be able to focus on their customers by
automating all manufacture related processes, such as production, supply chain and delivery of raw materials,
storage, distribution and more.

Therefore companies in this industry require powerful and integrated software
solutions that allow them to concentrate on their customers’ ever-changing needs and demands.

Our Offering

First we aim to gain an in-depth understanding of your business processes and needs, then we seamlessly deploy the right Microsoft Dynamics ERP and/or CRM solution that best fits your business so you can quickly start deriving benefits.

These solutions automate and move all your processes into the cloud, seamlessly. We have an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements that manufacturing businesses have, that enables us to deliver custom services that meet your business’s requirements.

Industry benefits

  • Consolidation of all business data in one place. (production, supply-chain, warehouses, financial management etc)

  • Efficient management of capacity – resources, production units, etc.

  • Optimized production cycle and reduced product time to market.

  • Automation of financial management processes

  • Real-time reporting of queries

  • Automated HACCP requirements and other legal regulations

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